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Electrical Channel Letters

One type of exterior sign installed by Hightech Signs is electrical channel letter signs. The main difference between channel letters and other signage types is that channel letters are dimensional. Each letter is individually formed, and has its own separate enclosure. Electrical channel letters are striking and are sure to catch the eye of potential customers.

Hightech Signs of Kansas City offers our clients several options in electrical channel letters. Clients can choose the color of the face, trim and sides of the sign. This color can either match the logo color or can be a striking contrast to the face color.

The face of a channel letter is typically made of acrylic, a translucent material that comes in many different color options and permits great flexibility in the finished letter appearance.

The channel is constructed of aluminum, because it is both lightweight and does not rust.

We offer 3 basic configurations for Channel letters:

Front Lit channel letters are the most widely used letter configuration. As the name implies, this letter type emits illumination only from the front (face) of the letters. “Standard” channel letters is another name for front lit letters.

Reverse Lit channel letters, also called “halo lit”, emit illumination only from the back of the letters.

Front/back Lit letters produce illumination from both the front and back of the letters, giving them a dynamic and dramatic appearance.

LED lights are used to illuminate our channel letters.

The professionals at Hightech Signs are experienced in the design, production and installation of electrical channel letters. Our team has had a long standing commitment to excellence in all that we do for our clients. For help determining the best choice of signs for your place of business, call us today.