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Monument Signs

Monument signs create a presence that other sign types may not achieve. Often it’s monument signs that attract your attention to a business development, a subdivision or a shopping center. At Hightech Signs, we have done projects for contractors, landlords, property management companies, home owners’ associations, and corporations all over the Kansas City area.

We have also worked with banks, business parks, real estate agencies, insurance companies and other businesses that require visibility in their community. Hightech Signs is committed to manufacturing a monument sign that is not only easy to find, but will also leave a memorable impression on all who see it. We can help strengthen your corporate identity and dramatically increase your business’s exposure with the professional impact of a monument sign.

Hightech Signs works diligently with our clients to create a sign that replicates the architectural elements, color palette, and brick/stone/stucco texture of your building. We can work with your mason to fabricate a monument using stone or brick, or we can use modern technologies to create a maintenance free monument sign that looks exactly like the stone or brick on your building. Our professionals use a wide range of textures, colors and creative design elements to build monument signs that not only promote your business, but also link to your corporate identity.

Street visibility starts with a dynamic sign. Hightech Signs offers our clients unlimited custom monument sign options. Our in-house design team can provide custom designs for your project. Whether it is a stone, stucco, concrete, brick, or a wood texture you are looking for, we can provide a monument sign that is unique to your business.

The sign manufacturers and installers who work at Hightech Signs have a long-standing reputation of working closely with zoning and code officials in the Kansas City area. Our job is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied from start to finish. Call us today and let us get to work on a monument sign for you.